About Ashendon

Ashendon - formerly Assendon, Assendune, Eshenden or Essendone, - with its hamlets of Great and Little Policott, is bounded on the north by the village of Wooton-Underwood; on the east by Westcott in Waddesdon, and Over or Upper Winchendon; on the south by Nether or Lower Winchendon, Chearsley and Chilton, and on the west by Dorton. It lies about eight miles and a half west of Aylesbury, six north of Thame in Oxfordshire, and two miles and a half south of the road from Aylesbury to Bicester. The village consists of farm-houses and cottages irregularly built upon a hill, from which elevated position it seems to have derived the latter portion of its name, “don” meaning an “eminence”.
'Records of Bucks - Vol 1' (pp 134)